September 2015 recap

 September 2015 Recap

Apparently September was my month to do projects LOL 

 I just love a good sunset!
 Canned my own Apple pie filling all on my lonesome
My shopping buddy

 Prepping for the Ward Christmas party I am in charge of this year!
Two dollar chair gets a makeover!

August 2015 Recap

August 2015 Recap

We went to the new LDS Indianapolis Temple Open house as a Family!  Such a beautiful temple and it makes me so happy my boys could go and walk through such a special building and learn a little bit more and how important and great they really are!


 Roman's 3rd Birthday!

 Still such a Toy Story Fan!!

 Roman and I hit the town the day the boys went back to school! lol

Went to UNO CHICAGOS PIZZA tour with a group of friends and made our own pizza!

Relief Society "It's Better To Look Up" Activity

  Everything was about "Up"  Started the next with "Whats Up" and talked about good news, went to "Eat Up" where we served taco salads cherry 7-UP and balloon bouquet cupcakes.  Had speakers on "Clean Up" "Chin Up" Cheer Up" "Dress UP" and I ended the night talking about how to "Look Up" unto to our Savior Jesus Christ and how we can have Him direct our lives more.

 Up scaled my Kitchenaid a bit :)
and my Toy Story loving Roman.  I am sucker for a 50 cent garage sale toy story item!  I mean just look how he loves them! Ok the big Woody and Bullseye were for his birthday but everything else a dollar or less!!  Score!

JULY 2015 Recap

July 2015 Recap

 Drove out to Idaho for summer vacation.  Had a travel hiccup as I ran over a trucks driveline that was in the middle of the road (and looked like just a dead raccoon but definetly was not) around 4:30 am the day we left.... 30 minutes away from my house but right across the street from my van's dealership Just a Crazy thing huh ....  Had to wait 2 1/2 hours for the service dept to even open and then see what to do about my damaged van.  Ended up having to get a rental since my car needed tons of repair done on its under carriage so we had to transfer our packed car to the rented van. Left a lot later then we originally planned but still going. The rest of the drive went really great until I also got a speeding ticket in Cokeville WY 2 hours away from my Idaho Home GRRRRR.  the universe was against me for those two days but after that no problems at all and we had a great time in Idaho with family!

 4th of July party at my Aunt Colleen Thompson's house!  Always a blast!

 Fireworks at mom and dad's new house!

Jessa's Face Painting masterpieces!!


 Horseback riding!

 Ellis Reunion at the Soda Springs Ranch!  Grandpa Delwyn and Grandma Barbra Ellis are the Best

 Finest Cowboy there DAD

 Boys will be boys....Clay got hit with an air pelt gun on his forehead....I think he learned some valuable lessons that day!! LOL
 clay also mastered the motorcycle!!  After going with Adam a few times he was able to do it on his own!
 Took my own turn riding the motorcycle!


 Clay and Hayden floated the Blackfoot River with this be crew of Family!

 The kid group got a small ride in since a storm was brewing in the close distance.

Back in Illinois soaking up some sun!

 Birthday breakfast my boys made me and flowers from my love!

 Fun times at Clay/Hayden's orthodontist patient appreciation day!